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Technical Overview (Live Webinar with Slides):

  1. Objective: Provide an online basic understanding of the involved technologies.
  2. Content: A live session explaining the technical aspects of mesh networks and blockchain technologies, focusing on the prosumer concept in Internet infrastructure.
  3. Duration: 30 minutes, but the videos go for hours!
  4. Interactive Element: Real-time Q&A and interactive poll

NYCmesh installer training video playlist

Each one of these detail oriented videos is over an hour long.

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The Basics of Blockchain

Althea technology puts firmware made with blockchain on your router, but what is it?

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9,406,710 views Nov 13, 2017 Decentralized tech – Simply ExplainedWhat is a blockchain and how do they work? I’ll explain why blockchains are so special in simple and plain English! 💌 Sign up for Simply Explained Newsletter: https://newsletter.simplyexplained.com

Althea is Turning Consumers into Prosumers’

Commons Based Peer Production – Althea.net offers a fascinating twist by integrating blockchain technology. By doing so, they enable a decentralized form of Internet service provision that not only challenges the traditional, centralized model but also directly empowers consumers to become “prosumers.” In this model, each user with a router can essentially act as a mini-ISP, purchasing bandwidth from those upstream and selling it to those downstream. This system makes Internet access more of a peer-to-peer service, akin to the way torrents distribute data, thus, decentralizing the control and economic structure of the network.

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12,208 views Sep 29, 2017 | This is a live demo of the Althea’s decentralized ISP technology.
Jehan Tremback

Ron first learned about Althea when he met Jehan Tremback in the NYC Mesh Slack workspace back in 2017. Following that, Jehan stayed in Ron’s guestroom in Brooklyn when he flew in from California to meet folks at NYC Mesh.

May 21, 2023

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Althea CTO Justin Kilpatrick takes a deep-dive into some of Althea’s technical fundamentals. In this video, he answers the following questions:  What’s exciting about Althea L1? How does Althea L1 take advantage of the unique design advantages of Cosmos and Tendermint in order to become the purpose-built settlement layer for networked infrastructure and connectivity? How do machine-to-machine microtransactions work on Althea L1, and what does this mean for the chain as it scales?


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