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Community Engagement Strategies (Interactive Webinar):

  • Objective: Discuss online strategies for community involvement and support.
  • Content: A webinar on methods for virtual engagement, encouraging local participation, and building an online support network for the project.
  • Duration: 30 minutes to scan months to execute!
  • Interactive Element: Breakout rooms for small group discussions.

Stakeholder Mapping

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Stakeholder mapping involves mapping out the various individuals or organizations that have a part in the system we wish to change. Stakeholders have a stake in the outcomes to the organization and thus an interest in shaping events according to their stake. With stakeholder mapping, we are asking who are the individuals or organizations that have an influence in determining the pattern and outcomes of the system and who are influenced by it.

Visual Whiteboard Tools

Google Jamboard

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Using Miro for your Community

work in progress to emulate how a Cleveland nonprofit, DigitalC, offers $18/mo Internet
(use “+” and “-” keys to zoom, pan with mouse or trackpad)

Part of this work was inspired by an article by one of our members Craig Settles.


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