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IPCPC (Broadband Institute Foundation) is a an educational nonprofit.


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Our platform cooperative works to increase Digital Equity by fostering fundamental systemic changes that restore the Internet as a Public Commons, vs bandaid approaches taken by many that will expire soon.

In our pursuit of digital equity, we empower community organizations to foster collaborative efforts, catalyzing the emergence of local governance over Internet infrastructure, using distributed technology.

Before the privatization of the Internet during the 1990s, as discussed by Ben Tarnoff, there was NSFnet, which existed as a Public Commons.

We have built a platform cooperative, to be governed by our teachers. Over time a student can become a group leader, and a group leader can become a teacher. Our goal is to help communities with crossing the digital equity gap and making a move towards Community Ownership of Internet Networks.

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Our Platform includes a Private Messaging experience, allowing users to message each other within the website. 

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Experienced professionals are welcomed to join us as a partner after a brief interview.
A student can grow to becoming a group leader, then a teacher, and even a partner.

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We enable Commons Based Peer Production


We asked our AI Assistant

How does Commons-based peer production relate to the possibility of community owned Internet networks (COIN)? In particular, consider how enables what Yochai Benkler refers to as converting consumers into prosumers, with Blockchain software on the router that enables people to purchase bandwidth from upstream and sell bandwidth to people downstream.
The answer explains the benefits of a new regenerative economy replacing the older extractive model of the incumbent ISPs.

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Project management

This course begins with general lessons that also apply to projects that are not software. Then, we go into specific…

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Conducting Virtual Meetings

Creating a course focused on conducting effective virtual meetings, especially with tools like Zoom and Jitsi, involves addressing both the…

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Instructor Role For LearnDash With FrontEnd Dashboard

“Instructor Dashboard: Easy Course Creation and Management Without Admin Access and Complex Backend Hassles.”

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