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Our video “We Can Connect Us” was created with help from AI.

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0:00imagine a world where almost half of the

0:02population has no access to the internet

0:04it’s a startling reality that 47% of the

0:07world’s population is still offline this

0:10digital Equity Gap is a massive hurdle

0:12in our increasingly connected world now

0:15picture this a small community tucked

0:17away in a corner of the world takes

0:19matters into its own hands they decide

0:22to bridge this digital divide not just

0:24for themselves but for future

0:26generations to come this is their story

0:29in the heart of of this community the

0:31school library stands as a beacon of

0:33knowledge Beyond books it thrives as a

0:35tech Hub sewing seeds of change the

0:38library birthed a local internet mesh

0:40Network an ingenious solution redefining

0:43the internet’s concept instead of

0:45depending on big corporations the

0:47community collaborates creating a

0:49network of devices sharing internet

0:51access schools businesses homes become

0:54nodes in this network contributing and

0:56benefiting from this joint resource it’s

0:58not just a tech breakthrough but a

0:59social Revolution the community isn’t

1:01merely consumers they are the providers

1:04maintainers decision makers power shifts

1:07from few to many a move towards

1:09community-owned internet networks this

1:12shift is a colossal leap towards digital

1:14Equity underlining the strength of

1:16collective efforts and local

1:18Administration it’s a beacon for other

1:20communities worldwide to follow suit in

1:22the pursuit of digital Equity

1:24understanding that the internet was once

1:25a public Commons is crucial before its

1:28privatization the NSF net served all as

1:31a shared resource today our featured

1:33Community seeks to revert the internet

1:35to its roots as a public Commons this

1:38journey a testament of platform

1:40cooperatives potential to Foster

1:42systemic change holds immense

1:44significance empowering Community

1:46organizations to take ownership of their

1:48internet infrastructure is a viable

1:51solution for bridging digital Equity Gap

1:54within this community teachers govern

1:56the platform Cooperative students evolve

1:58into group leaders and and with time

2:00become teachers themselves it’s a cycle

2:03of empowerment a sustainable for Network

2:05growth and maintenance the story is more

2:07than overcoming adversity it’s a

2:09blueprint for a more Equitable digital

2:11future achieving digital Equity is a

2:13marathon not a Sprint fundamental

2:16systemic changes are essential Not Mere

2:18Band-Aid Solutions however as our

2:21community illustrates it’s a marathon

2:23worth running for when the internet

2:26becomes a public Commons once more the

2:28world becomes a connected Equitable

2:30place for all in conclusion the key

2:33points of this story are Community

2:34ownership platform cooperatives and

2:37restoring the internet as a public

2:38Commons this underlines the of communal

2:41control systemic change and digital

2:43Equity the challenge exists but with

2:46combined efforts Innovation and tenacity

2:49it can be mitigated because when the

2:51internet is for everyone the

2:52possibilities are endless

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