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We especially encourage young people just getting started to join this group. You can both express your concerns and get advice from your seniors.

How will we adopt new practices?

Web3 (also known asWeb 3.0[1][2][3]) is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web which incorporates concepts such as decentralization,blockchain technologies, and token-based economics.[4]Some technologists and journalists have contrasted it with Web 2.0, wherein they say data and content are centralized in a small group of companies sometimes referred to as “Big Tech“.[5]


  1. Stick to the facts: We encourage our members to base their arguments and opinions on verifiable facts and data, rather than hearsay or speculation.
  2. No clickbait headlines: Please avoid posting articles or links with sensationalized or exaggerated headlines designed to generate clicks, rather than provide accurate information.
  3. Respectful discourse: We believe that respectful discussion is the cornerstone of productive dialogue. Our members are expected to treat each other with civility and refrain from personal attacks or name-calling.
  4. Sources matter: When sharing information or making claims, please provide reputable sources to back up your statements. We encourage members to fact-check and verify the accuracy of their sources before posting.
  5. No spamming or self-promotion: Members who repeatedly share their own content or engage in spammy behavior will be removed from the group.

We believe that these guidelines will create a productive and informative environment for our members and minimize the influence of hype and speculation in our discussions.

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