Connect Humanity creates working capital with tech from Hawk Networks (Althea)

  • Connect Humanity creates working capital with tech from Hawk Networks (Althea)

    Posted by DrRon Suarez on May 11, 2023 at 10:29 am

    I began following Althea when I met one of the founders, Jehan Tremback, in 2017. Jehan mentioned inside the NYC Mesh Slack workspace, that he was coming to NYC and we hosted him in our guest bedroom in Brooklyn. Yesterday, there was a press release: “Broadband company Hawk Networks receives debt financing from Connect Humanity to expand affordable internet access in Dallas, Atlanta, and beyond.” The press release was included inside this news post from Connect Humanity. Inside this Group, let’s collaborate on how we can solve the problem of financing the work needed to promote #DigitalEquity. What can you offer and want to you need? Have you thought about forming a cooperative in your community? Even a few people can get together and form an LLC to start a small ISP. That LLC can be a for-profit or a nonprofit. Which options appeal to you? Please reply below.

    Also, watch the interview, at the end of this post, with Brian Vo, Chief Investment Officer of Connect Humanity.

    Althea — Hawk’s underlying technology — is designed to minimize the financial barriers for people on low-incomes. It enables a ‘pay as you go’ model, so subscribers only pay for the data they consume. Customers are also able to set limits so they stay within a budget that they choose. If they do reach this limit, an ‘always on’ service provides a baseline level of access so they are never without connectivity altogether.

    Second, we’re excited to partner with Hawk as it develops its innovative technology to help others build broadband in areas with tough economics.

    Building a broadband network typically requires a lot of up-front capital. This barrier discourages new providers from entering the market and helps to preserve the low-competition environment that keeps many communities underserved and overcharged.

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