How can we transform the Internet into a Commons?

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  • How can we transform the Internet into a Commons?

    Posted by DrRon Suarez on September 23, 2023 at 1:59 pm

    Peer production disrupts centralised capitalist production through the decentralised use of the Internet and open source technologies. It is a relational dynamic playing out in terms of sharing, openness, co-creation, self-governance and bottom-up eco-techno-social innovation…. a generic form of self-organisation among loosely-affiliated individuals that volunteer on equal footing to reach a common goal’ (Bauwens et al. 2019, 4).

    The Commons

    The overarching goal of our nonprofit is to promote the Internet as a Commons by creating courses and discussion groups that facilitate peer production of the infrastructure, thus enabling Community Owned Internet Networks, as we have referred to as the COINcommons. Your thoughts?

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