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How should we recruit community stakeholders?

  • How should we recruit community stakeholders?

    Posted by DrRon Suarez on January 3, 2024 at 1:09 pm

    Here is the answer from Claude [dot] ai

    Here are some suggestions for recruiting community stakeholders to promote the restoration of community-owned internet services as a public commons:

    • Research the history of how internet infrastructure in your community was privatized in the 1990s. Understand the key events and decisions that led to losing public control. This background will help you explain the issues.
    • Identify key community groups and leaders who may be interested in this cause – local government officials, technology companies, community centers, libraries, schools, etc. Reach out and educate them on the history and benefits of restoring community-owned internet.
    • Organize public meetings, panels, and debates to bring more awareness to this issue. Bring in experts who can talk about the pros of community-owned internet for issues like affordability, net neutrality, privacy, economic development, and more.
    • Launch a public engagement campaign to get input from community residents. Survey them to gauge interest and support. Get ideas on how community-owned internet could benefit their lives.
    • Partner with local journalists to get media coverage on this topic. Pitch stories on the history of what happened and why restoring public ownership matters.
    • Create a coalition of supportive stakeholders from business, government, technology, education and community groups. Have them endorse the concept and get involved in an advocacy campaign.
    • Use grassroots organizing tactics – public info booths, going door-to-door in neighborhoods, phone banking, social media campaigns to generate wider public support.

    The key is education, public awareness, and showing local impacts. Rally support from trusted community groups and leaders first as a base before expanding advocacy efforts.

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