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I have 18 years of experience in the IT industry as a systems administrator, network engineer, and wireless ISP industry veteran working with Linux, BSD, and other UNIX-based systems, a strong working knowledge of public and private cloud technologies such as Amazon EC2, Openstack, Rackspace Cloud, and systems automation and configuration management with tools such as puppet, ansible, and chef. I also have considerable experience with routers, managed switches, and various other networking devices. I also have extensive experience working in conjunction with software developers, QA testing teams, 3rd party technology and communications carriers, and coordinating and leading large cross-department project deployments. I currently am the co-founder and head of operations at the Pacific NW Rural Broadband Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to building community owned and operated high speed mesh networks capable of delivering modern broadband connections to rural under-served and un-connected communities that lack adequate internet service. Utilizing cutting edge wireless carrier technology, and a revolutionary broadband technology known as Althea, we are capable of reaching areas that fall outside of traditional ISP’s profit models, serving customers that have been cut off from modern broadband service and stuck in the proverbial “digital divide.” •Networking knowledge of OSI Model, TCP/IP, UDP, BGP, LSPF, traffic shaping / QoS, SNMP, DNS, NFS, FTP, SSH, SSL / Digital Certificates, Public Key Encryption. •Extensive experience installing, administrating, and populating LAMP servers, Puppet configuration management, Amazon EC2 / Xen / KVM virtualization and Ganeti clusters, DRBD, NFS, iSCSI, Samba, IRC, Cacti, Munin, Nagios, Asterisk, Subversion and git versioning repositories, tcpdump, network traffic sniffers, nmap, strace, bash shell, php, and perl scripting. •Experience configuring devices such as Dell and HP server products, Omnitronix and Baytech PDUs, Tasman T1/E1 routers, Juniper routers, pfSense, Foundry/Cisco/HP switches, Wireless ethernet PTP devices (Redline AN-50e/AN-100, Dragonwave Airpair, Orthogon OS Gemini), Cyclades TS-series console servers, WiMax NLOS wireless access units.Specialties: Linux / UNIX-based system deployment, automation, and administration. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining via ASIC and GPU technologies, and automated cryptocurrency trading. Large scale asterisks / VoIP administrator, network operations technician, and IT contracting and hosting services.

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Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance

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President, Director of Network Operations

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We have been providing internet and telecom services for more than 30 years!


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