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Why interns should be paid

If AI does a lot of the work, could we share wealth equitably?

We are currently seeking funding to pay interns a minimum of $15/hour for beginners and more for those with previous experience.

We asked Chat GPT4 about societal and political changes that need to happen in order to effectively cope with the impending changes due to AI.

We need to address the issue of job displacement, as AI and automation will inevitably replace many jobs currently done by humans. This will require a shift towards new industries and job training programs, as well as a potential reevaluation of our current economic systems.

Chat GPT4

“Socialism” and “Capitalism” are 20th century concepts. Help us to explore the fundamental systemic changes we need. Please join our Group Systems Innovators.

The video below is a humorous exposé of abuses of interns:

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