Our Groups are integrated with Zoom

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Connect with Ron if you would like to better understand how to use Zoom with your Group and how we will deal with the eventual cost (e.g. cloud storage for videos) and decisions about privileges.

Tired of “webinars” that do not engage participants?

Our goal is for Groups to be scheduling regular webinars, Live Q&A sessions, or meet ups to help group members connect with one another in real time. In your Zoom calls, encourage members to start conversations and participate by asking questions, sharing insights, and personal experiences. We will be writing more about how to use virtual whiteboards and conduct real time polls of meeting participants. Encourage your attendees to share resources in the chat, such as links to articles, videos, and other content that is relevant to the groups interests. If you are the group leader, be sure to recognize members who contribute positively to the group and celebrate their achievements. Create challenges that encourage members to participate and showcase their skills. Finally be responsive to comments and questions and show your members that you value their participation. By implementing these strategies, you will encourage engagement within your community group and build a strong, supportive community.

The screenshot shows Zoom settings Controls in the Group menu

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