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Introducing iFi, Infrastructure Finance


ISPcoop is bringing together community members to learn to apply this tech. Join iFi group discussions as we roll out specific course materials.

Contact @drron if you would like to coordinate with us on infrastructure finance.

iFi (Infrastructure Finance) is a new market segment that applies blockchain technology to the funding and ownership of infrastructure. iFi is permissionless, trustless, programmatic, and transparent, and it revolutionizes how infrastructure is funded, built, and used. iFi decouples the ownership of infrastructure from the services it provides, and it privileges user choice, reinvigorating infrastructure markets. iFi is an exciting and timely market segment that enables the trustless, permissionless orchestration of multi-entity networks, opening new markets and encouraging growth and robustness in vital infrastructure categories like energy, transportation, and telecom.

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Towards a Definition of iFi

Source: Introducing iFi, Infrastructure Finance

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