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Social Learning Co-op to Promote #DigitalEquity

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Collective Expertise and Knowledge

Our community members website harnesses collective expertise from diverse backgrounds, enhancing proposals for digital equity and improved broadband access.

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Shared Resources and Support

We allow pooling of resources, where members share information, research, and funding opportunities. This collaboration boosts proposal impact and chances of success.

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Amplified Advocacy and Influence

We amplify advocacy. Collaborative proposals generate awareness for digital equity, potentially catching the attention of policymakers and industry leaders, thereby influencing decisions.


Increased Innovation and Creativity

Collaboration sparks innovation. Members, by sharing diverse ideas, can craft creative solutions for the digital divide, leading to potentially groundbreaking strategies. See our founder’s Auspicious Beginnings.

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Strengthened Community Engagement

We not only foster strong community engagement by enabling collaboration on proposals, we are planning an Exit to Community. This instills a shared purpose among members passionate about digital equity.

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Community Engagement Tools for a Federation of Stakeholders

Your Community Owned Internet Networks & Open Access by Dr. Ron Suarez

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Get Help Finding a Shorter Path to Your Solution

In our network, Students can become Group Leaders and Group Leaders can become Teachers. While college is recommended, not all high school students need to go to college. Learning digital skills can be both fulfilling and lucrative. Collaborators engage with everyone.

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Download this free book and share your feedback

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You can start with reading this short article by Bruce Kushnick. You can then download the book DISS-CONNECTED” How America’s big telecoms stole billions from the public and created the digital divide by David Rosen with Bruce Kushnick.




We’ve launched additional websites for Support and a Job Board, using crowdsourcing.


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Our “Decentralized Power” support ticketing system lets you both question and answer.

Job Board

Promoting paid internships: post or apply for Digital Equity Jobs.

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Posts about Coops or just Cooperating

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