Reply To: OpenAI grant proposal question #2

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    DrRon Suarez

    June 20, 2023 at 9:58 am

    From Gartner:

    Decision automation, decision augmentation and decision support represent the degrees to which AI and analytics can be deployed to pursue faster, more consistent, more adaptable and higher-quality decisions at scale.

    The differences lie in the analytics techniques used at various points in the decision process, and who (or what) ultimately makes the decision:

    • Decision automation. The system makes the decision using prescriptive analytics or predictive analytics. Its benefits include speed, scalability and consistency of decision making.
    • Decision augmentation. The system recommends a decision, or multiple decision alternatives, to human actors using prescriptive or predictive analytics. Its benefits lie in the synergy between human knowledge and the capability of AI to rapidly analyze high volumes of data and to deal with complexity.
    • Decision support. Human employees make the decision, supported by descriptive, diagnostic or predictive analytics. Its main benefit lies in the combined application of data-driven insights and human knowledge, expertise and common sense, including “gut feel” and emotions.

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