Reply To: New Jersey docs and links to the book pdfs

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    Bruce Kushnick

    December 1, 2023 at 5:05 pm

    Was the spreadsheet OK?

    I think this stuff is interesting… but i have to stick the plan I laid out — and not get distracted with other projects — like the workshop — for now.

    So, i’ll decline to meet with althea, etc — for now.

    by dec 5-8, i have to do at least 3 state filings — and getting the AI stuff up and running enough to use it in these filings – is all I care about

    we are also filing with the FTC over hidden fees, and chuck is editing that, and the FCC about the broadband advanced networks reports, section 706 —

    And the alternative path stuff I mentioned — and the… etc..

    So, doing the AI on NJ — — and that if it works,– we do the other states and MICHIGAN and then do PR for what we just did …

    The IRREGULATORS, “Advocates, Telecom Analysts, forensic auditors, lawyers and programmers are now one of the first to use the new AI tools to defend the public interest — or something like that.

    So, not interested in workshops, etc untill we do this next step and see what happens.

    I’m not saying your idea is bad– but I’ don’t have cycles to pull off the larger picture — and because the 5 year plans are now DUE — we have one opportunity to take this current shot — with the books.

    So, Dissconnected and the New Jersey 5 year plan, with our filing included — would be a great start to see what we have — And the filing date is Dec 8– the NTIA schedule for NJ was wrong. — but we filed.

    i’m working on the filings all weekend… i’ll go through the AI stuff to see if I can figure it out as well.

    and I’m closing the spreadsheet for NJ — with the links.

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