Reply To: Comparing Irregulators Info to Technology Policy Institute via Chat GPT

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    DrRon Suarez

    November 30, 2023 at 1:26 pm

    @bruce-kushnick Ron has copied this from Bruce’s email to better utilize our website and keep the discussion in one place.

    Bruce replied:

    yeah — pictures worked — So, let me get this straight — the stuff took the DISS-CONNECTED book contents and generated the answers???

    and they are d9ametirally opposed to TPI stuff using CHAT —

    Is this dreaming? not sure how we make money from it — but —

    Ok, the interface to add docs to out library, or to create a specific state of FCC filing, etc —

    As i know where everything is —

    Time to talk wednesday or thurs? I have some appts I’m waiting on – but —

    What do you think of it All? im kind of shocked at the tests so far — it isn’t simply our stuff — but the comparison with TPI — right?

    We can have it rip into the other analyses– including the 5 year plans

    But, we need to monetize this — as well as use it for PR —

    ie, comparing the book’s analyses — (with the 5 year plans created — but then having it summ up the stuff — if that was possible —

    so, it seems easy to use — and i’ve been playing with the Bing AI stuff –

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