ECHO42 is our new think tank

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  • ECHO42 is our new think tank

    Posted by DrRon Suarez on May 20, 2023 at 11:22 am

    Check out the slide deck created by @ddouglas

    It is complicated to explain why individual ISPs should not own parts of the Internet infrastructure for private access, where they restrict competition. Earlier, we began efforts to try and explain complicated issues such as this post we wrote about open access fiber. Ron and Dwayne met today, May 20, 2023, and spoke about the difficulties of explaining complicated issues to politicians who think in soundbites.

    So, we decided to create ECHO42 as a think tank to come up with understandable soundbites that effectively communicate the issues at stake, as we are, about to quickly pass through this once in a lifetime opportunity to extend broadband Internet access in a way that solves the systemic problems that have created digital inequity. We reject the Band-Aids of simply doing temporary subsidies that will disappear, without solving the real problem and end up, just growing the customer base of incumbents for whom it is not profitable and frankly, it does not make sense as to why they should want to fix these problems.

    Watch this 1.5 minute video that starts with the question: “What if one of one delivery service owned the road to your home?”

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