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Deb Simpier explains Althea and Hawk on CBAN Podcast


Thank of Althea as like the free, open source Linux. Then Hawk Networks is like Red Hat. The future of the Internet can be decentralized by tokenizing ownership of the infrastructure, which will enable things like purchasing a few feet of fiber in your community owned Internet network.

In this episode of Broadband Action, we chat with Deborah Simpier, CEO of Althea. Althea is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) platform and blockchain that enables the coordination of multi-stakeholder networks. Althea decouples the service and infrastructure layers of Internet delivery and coordinates transparent and programmatic revenue sharing. Using Althea’s platform, networks can be built faster and more economically than ever before. Althea’s flexible payment structure opens new markets and supports new entrants into the market, by enabling them to capitalize on underutilized bandwidth and real estate.


Here is the interview from CBAN:

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