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Managing Group Members

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Currently, we have three types of users for a given Course: Teachers, Group Leaders, and Students. Group leaders would be the equivalent of a teaching assistant in a university. There are three roles within a Group: Organizer, Moderator and Member. Remember that a group can have sub groups, and each group could have one or more courses. This may sound complicated at first, but it enables lots of flexibility in how you organize your members.

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Select Manage from the menu

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When an organizer or a moderator is inside of a group, a vertical menu appears to the left. At the bottom, there is a menu choice to manage the group, which includes a number of tabs. One of those is a tab to manage members. See the next screenshot for the choices one has to manage members.

Change the role of a member

When a member joins a group, he or she is assigned the member role by default. Members are able to contribute to the group’s discussions, activity feeds, and view other group members. After selecting the Manage choice and clicking on the member tab, an organizer can promote someone to being a co-organizer, a moderator, remove them from the group, or kick in ban someone who is not already an administrator as their WordPress role. Yes, there is yet another type of role that has existed within WordPress since its inception. Those roles are administrator, editor, author, contributor, or member. Learn more about WordPress roles here.

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