IPCPC Partners

Partner with our org, and or find other members with whom to partner.

Being a Teacher

How to become a Group Leader, then a Teacher and Partner. Collaborate to grow your skills.

Teen Tech

Creating tools for teens to advance in technology

DELA tech

Technology that enables Digital Equity for Latin Americans (DELA) . . . and all disenfranchised communities. Avatar inspired by the Mayan calendar. We encourage Latin…

Steering Committee

Group navigation by example: regeneration versus extraction to produce a circular economy.

MDU Commons

Internet access as a Public Commons for multiple dwelling units. Photo credit


How commoning can impact digital equity | Common Plans: other tools


Montana Michigan Alliance


Explore opportunities in the spectrum ecosystem to offer long-term and innovative policy and technical contributions that promote digital equity.

Exit to Community

Ask for an invite. This web platform will be owned by our community members. We can write a new story about what we want.

Digital Equity Coalition

More connected = more power. We are a Commons for collaborating to create better equitable jobs with Internet growth.

Web3 AI

For futurists wanting to incorporate Web3 or AI developments with AltheaL


A Systems Innovation Think Tank “42: The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything is…42!” Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Broadband internet is essential for telehealth because it allows patients and doctors to connect in real-time over video conferencing platforms. This is especially important for…

Coop Funding

Ask @DRon for an invite to collaborate on the formation and funding of cooperative, community-based ISPs.